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Career Perspective

An alternative platform to orthodox career counseling for students to explore their interest with the guidance from domain expert and simulation of possible professions related to that subjects covered in that module.

Cultural Exposure

An exposure to the different countries and societies of the world with historical perspective to understand the role of culture in shaping the society.

Curriculum Connect

Creating a sync between theoretical classroom learning and real world applications. All experiential learning modules are directly connected to the textbooks and they bring these textbooks to life.

Learn From Domain Experts

Every module is a subject specific module which is equipped with a subject domain expert to impart the learning and to build the sync between theory and its application with practical demonstrations.

Linguistic Exposure

Platform to provide to an exposure to various languages of the world to understand the ideology of the society and the it shaped it.

Outdoor Classroom

An alternative to regular classrooms by converting on field occupational sites, workplaces into experiential learning outdoor classrooms for relatable learning.

Relatable Experience

Unique way of imparting education where students are able find a relation between theory and its effective application in daily life.

Holistic Development

An all-round platform for students to learn differently-apply the learning-testing that learning and guidance of pursuing their interest as possible career choices.

Our Milestones

Transforming Students into Global Citizens since 2015




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Outdoor experiential learning modules



What we do

It is said; we may forget what we hear, remember what we see, but understand whatever we do! To understand ‘Why we study what we study’ students’ needs to have a hands-on experience of the practical life. TripSchool relates the textbooks to real life and make students learn through Evidenced-based-approach. In every program curated by TripSchool, students participate in cooperative-learning, perform collaborative tasks, and build cognitive-skills to become scholars. More than 5000 students across India have experienced the benefits of experiential learning with TripSchool.
TripSchool is a pioneer organization in designing and executing CAS programs for IB Schools in India. While designing such programs TripSchools focuses to achieve outcomes that evidence perseverance, ignite initiation and build a social mindset of the students. The aim is to expose students to traditional crafts, sports and activities, language lessons, involvement with the local communities, introduction to the public departments, building leadership skills, harnessing fundraising events and lastly reporting and documentation of the hands-on experiences.
Students often cram topics to pass the exams. This occurs due to the inability to understand and finding it’s relevance in real life. How do we solve the problem? Well, each Module designed by TripSchool is focused on one or more subjects explaining to the students why it is necessary to know first and learn later.
Did we ever explore the 100 km around our School/Home? Through the Day-Activity programs, TripSchool helps students identify the historic, cultural, scientific, geographical, social, political and industrial elements that are existing around them.
Students never think of higher education until they are forced to! To break the bubble, TripSchool has created programs where students visit the best universities around the world to meet the renowned professors and their cognizant students. Here the focus is to reveal the meaning of directional studies and career opportunities that exists for the students based on their area of interest. These programs are highly appreciated by schools and parents of students across India.
During the period of study, students of Architecture need to travel to all parts of the globe. This is done to explore, experience, learn, sketch, document, measure draw the monuments, buildings, and spaces. TripSchool designs, plans and facilitates such learned Related Study Programs (RSP). The aspiring architects exploit the learning potential of each location and interact with the Chief Town Planners for a one-on-one discussion. The academic and professional skills are envisioned to be build during these RSP’s.
To find the road to roots of contemporary businesses, students from schools and colleges need to see through the process run inside an operational industry. When the real machinery, factory workers, managerial staff and final products/services are exposed to the students, they understand the larger impact of small efforts. TripSchool’s Industrial exposure programs are focused on showcasing the practical aspects of industrial working to the students and relate their textbook theories to the practical working environment.
An inquisitive mind always looks for valued comments and mindful opinions. With an ode to promote meaningful conversations, TripSchool has launched serial Interactive Sessions. At these sessions Experts interact with the students on crucial topics and answer to the questions raised by students. The purpose of these meetups is to narrate 20-25 years of experience of these experts in 3-4 hours to derive learnings out of the shared experiences.
As a part of the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) program in the IB curriculum, TripSchool designs innovation and reflection workshops focused on enhancing the skills and competence of the students.
Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak when the body is healthy and the mind is strong. TripSchool endeavors to inculcate the spirit of sports and pragmatic learning among students of schools/colleges by exposing them to the disciplined life of athletes and the dexterity of their coaches. In these programs, the students are made to learn from the coaches, practice with the players and experience the physical and emotional challenges of being a sportsperson.
Language is the road map of a culture and customs. It is known that language immersion program is by far the fastest way to learn a foreign language. Having known this, TripSchool has curated an exciting variety of immersion programs where students are exposed to the experiences of a formal language immersion class, participate in planned activities with the locals and live unconventional experiences at a foreign land. TripSchool is proud to be one of the finest language immersion program providers in India.
Skill development programs, awareness workshops, community culture programs, etc are also designed for the students by TripSchool for their holistic development.

We Specialise In



Through the processes involving, conceptualization, research, formulation, a feasibility checks, institutional collaborations, personnel search and finally designing of the perfect plan, Tripschool curates each RSP envisioned at generating value to the students of Architecture. More than 1000 students have benefited from such programs. The exposure is unique, interactive, international, practical and based on the next studio the students are going to study in next semister. Certificates from reputed institution are also provided to the students for attending such an RSP.


MBA – Industrial Exposure, Networking and Certified Programs

MBA students need exposure in leadership and motivation, teamwork, communication and public speaking, and problem-solving. TripSchool features to provide such an experience to students where they are taken to the roads to roots of contemporary businesses. The major elements in each such program are international exposure, interaction with the industry experts, walk through the factory floors and opportunities of networking for higher studies for business connections. Certification programs are also designed for students.



The three pillars of very Creativity, Activity and Service are established at each destination of the CAS trips. TripSchool designs CAS trip that are balanced, educative, immersive, cultural, documentable and well managed. The UN Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable travel is kept in mind while planning such CAS Trips. Students volunteer in events like fund raising and donation camps before experiencing such programs. TripSchool also gives option to customize their CAS Trips according to the age group of the participating students.

How We Do It

Module Selection

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Descriptive Orientation & E-Modules

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Conducting the Outdoor Classroom

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Skill Analyzing

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Certification & Awards

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Our commitment We maintain the highest safety standards – Safety device, mandatory insurance, seasoned tour leaders and a 24×7 helpline

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Our philosophy Our Modules are designed keeping group specific academic objectives at the core, ensuring holistic learning

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Our guarantee Our Module experts extend provide end-to-end support and guidance to ensure a seamless experience at every step

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Our promise An extensive network of Universities, Institutions, Airline, Hotel and Travel Partners allows an exceptional us to quote exceptional student-friendly rates

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Our Practice Our Module expert and local representatives are present all round the clock to provide timely operational support as conditioned.

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